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January 18 2018

The argument ends on women, since there is no bodily autonomy of unborn to speak of. How autonomous you are if your whole existence hinges on being sustained by another person? And it's not just taking care, i.e. protecting or feeding, you're necessarily, physiologically dependent on your mother. That's in no way shape or form a sign of bodily autonomy.

You can argue that preterm babies are capable of autonomy since we can sustain them with care outside of mother, but earliest, miraculous preterm birth of a healthy child was at 21 weeks. It's hard to argue that unborn children have any kind of autonomy before that point.
As to corpses, they're dead by default, so their autonomy hinges entirely on respect for the deceased and their family. You can try to argue that same respect should be given to the fetus, but basing it on a treatment of a dead body is shooting yourself in a foot - because if the same respect we give to the dead should be given to the unborn, then if a child dies during pregnancy without miscarriage, woman apparently should carry it to the term and give birth to a dead baby, since it's the respect we give to the dead that gives the fetus its autonomy.
You can also base fetus bodily autonomy on different kind of respect, but then you also have to ignore respect for women bodily autonomy, and we're back at square one.

Also, stop acting as if pregnancy outside and carrying to the term outside of rape is a neutral thing. Even when everything is going okay in terms of child and labor itself, the process itself occasionally is damaging to a woman. So no, in many, many cases it's not similar to trolley problem.
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January 17 2018

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January 16 2018

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